Bulletproof Your Data Now!

with FileMaker Server 15 and SyncServer Pro

Data is the lifeblood of every business, across every industry, spanning the world-over. 

And the state of that data is crucial to its long-term health. 

Ignoring the importance of your data is not an option in today’s marketplace. Data growth continues at an unprecedented pace. And when it comes to protecting that data, the most comprehensive approach includes everything from backups to disaster recovery, to adopting the logical “perimeter” approach to secure data — wherever it resides. Having a bulletproof plan in place to protect your mission-critical data is more crucial than ever. 

Introducing SyncServer Pro: Your bulletproof data protection plan 

SyncServer Pro  arms you with an effective and efficient solution that understands –and caters — to customer processes and anxieties over their sensitive data. While the systems and software have grown increasingly complex, SyncServer Pro is optimized for pain-free integration yet powerful enough to accommodate even the most complex syncing requirements. SyncServer Pro ensures your data is secure, and available when you need it most.

SyncServer Pro is a background sync engine that is controlled by a FileMaker-based user interface (UI) designed for:

• multi-server database replication,
• custom synchronization,
• and data recovery across your entire network.

SyncServer Pro Features

Custom-Tailored Support

Customized wizard functionality offers solutions based on project goals. Ideal for both routine and advanced function requirements.


Maximum Data Efficiency

Access global data at local speeds; works with multiple servers and distributed databases.

Holistic Data Integration

Integrate data between multiple solutions and platforms, including corporate data systems, pull and push data to web servers or mirror to an SQL data source.

Intuitive Interface Design

Ideal for users with basic knowledge of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server Admin panel. Created with advanced functionality for developers with complex requirements.


High Availability with Hot Failover

SSP’s high availability features can be used in conjunction with DNS failover to automatically route traffic to an alternate live server if the primary is unavailable.

Built-in “Sync Smarts”

Create custom rules for selective synchronization. Intelligent sync can be handled one-way, bi-directional or multi-hub data replication / synchronization between FileMaker Servers and /or any combination of SQL databases.

Audit Logging

Offers server-side capture and record Add, Change and Delete actions to configured databases – including record view audit logging to support regulatory compliance. Support for writing log to: FileMAker, Ms SQL, Oracle, MySQL and Sybase.


Disaster Protection

Deliver progressive backups to local disk or remote site, bypassing FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro. Even in a single-server configuration, SSP’s “Restore Database” feature provides the ability to bring the last good backup to within seconds of a crash or corruption. The Audi Log can be used to restore undesired changes or deletions of records to protect against corruption, mistakes and maliciousness.

Multi-Server Compatibility

Ability to synchronize data between any combination of database server types:
FileMaker Server* to FileMaker Server
FileMaker Server to Ms SQL
FileMaker Server to MySQL
FileMaker Server to Oracle
FileMaker Server to SAP
FileMaker Server to PostgreSQL
(*FM Server 12 to 15)

Our Difference

What makes SyncServer Pro Different?

Synchronization: How and when you need it

Using uni-directional, bi-directional or multi-hub synchronization, SSP performs near-real-time synchronization between multiple database servers.

Fast, Simple and Powerful

Created with one interface for required settings, the same settings can be automatically pushed out to each server for super fast, super simple deployment. For ease of use, SSP utilizes wizard technology to provide solutions for project goals at a variety of levels from basic, such as data recovery services, to the more complex, such as multi-server bi-directional synchronization. 

The ideal data safeguarding solution, IT PhD not required

Created with multiple levels of functionality, SSP is an ideal data solution for all levels of IT professionals, from the beginner to the advanced developer. The software is designed for easy-to-use deployment from within the FileMaker environment.

Your data’s full-time “bodyguard”

SyncServer Pro provides detailed field-level data merging and conflict resolution… so you get the support you need to safeguard data and fix the problem, without losing an ounce of data integrity.

Why Choose Us

Why SyncServer Pro Should Be
Your Only Choice For Data Recovery

It’s Ready

Cold Standby

When you need to recover data or replace a crashed server, you can count on SyncServer Pro to be your on-call handyman, pre/re-pairing the database, ensuring the data loss in minimal. We offer the ability to backup for restoration within seconds of a crash or corruption using SyncServer Pro’s “Restore Database” feature. An Audit Log is provided to restore undesired changes or deletion of records.

It’s there… when you need it most!


SyncServer Pro offers automated safety measures to control and re-route data in case of a crash. If a failover occurs: Data entered into the standby server is collected by SyncServer Pro, pushed to additional servers and back to the primary server when it’s brought back online. By combining SyncServer Pro with DNS fail-over, or the power of FileMaker’s multi-line External Datasource references, more or less sophisticated automated switchover can be achieved. Even without such additions, SyncServer Pro will keep all of your servers and sync and will be ready to handle users logging in to any of them.

It’s Willing

Warm Standby

You need a data recovery plan. SyncServer Pro can be quickly deployed and routed even when your database is down or not directly accessible.

It’s Able

Hot Standby

In the event of a crash, SyncServer Pro is ready, willing and able to accept traffic, immediately. No built in fail-over routing.

How SyncServer Pro Works

SyncServer Pro connects to your databases using Java database connectivity technology (JDBC). Synchronization is configured to collect local changes and push or pull data between multiple nodes. SyncServer Pro utilizes a distribution server for better performance and reliability in multi-server environments.

With SyncServer Pro, failure is never an option…literally. Using the Tier-3 two-server version, SyncServer Pro does not accept database failures; two servers are always maintained, so data can be entered into either and synced back to the other. We offer our users three options to enhance this out-of-the-box capability for “failover”:

  1. Use a domain controller that will handle switching on failure
  2. Use an opener file that has references to each/all servers and attempts to open in order. Leave file open in background so if host A fails, the opener file is staring the user in face to click “Open / Reopen”
  3. Manually change DNS entry in event of crash so user still opens “The Server” but IP behind that is switched

Our Clients

We are lucky to have a full range of clientele, from small Solopreneurs to Fortune 100 companies who all use SyncServer Pro as their bulletproof data protection plan!


"I cannot say enough about what this product means to the success of my company."

− Charles Zimmer - Satellite Office Services

"The staff has been very helpful with any support questions I have raised. SyncServer Pro is a great tool."

− Stewart Barnett - LEONI Fiber Optics, Inc.

"In addition, SyncServer Pro's support has been second to none. I would have no hesitation to recommend it to others with similar needs."

− Jim Keisbin - Human WorldWide

"I don't think there is any other solution on the market that will match SyncServer Pro's comprehensive set of features. SyncServer Pro is powerful, reliable and easy to use."

− Kent Thomas - (Solar Panelling Company)

"SyncServer Pro software gets the job done with no strings attached. This is truly a remarkable experience!"

− Thomas Rocas - ANX Home Healthcare

"SyncServer Pro is simply a must have for any FileMaker database that requires audit tracking."

− Matt Leach - GalacTek Corp


Tier 1


  • LOCAL Backup
  • LOCAL Restore
  • Roll FORWARD

Tier 2


One Off Fee
  • ALL TIER 1 features
  • Install ANYWHERE
  • EXTERNAL backup
  • Potential Loss? VIRTUALLY ZERO!
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Tier 3


One Off Fee
  • ALL TIER 1 + 2 features
  • Multi Level “SMART SYNC”
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Additional Server


One Off Fee
  • Add additional servers to your Tier 3 license
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